We have a passion for designing quality clothing.

My mother, Lita, was a beautiful person who was always dressed in the latest fashions with impeccable good taste.  She loved color and style.  I look at all our family photos and see her always well dressed and elegantly put together.  Her look was not frilly, but rather stylish.  She had a special talent for finding fashionable, comfortable clothes that she travelled in with ease while looking fabulous.  Comfortable, Elegant Chic—that was my mom.

I am Rose Kardashian, Business Owner and Fashion Designer of Loosey Goosey Couture, a new line of fashions that instantly makes you elegant and chic, adding color to your world as you go about your busy life in sheer comfort. Our fabrics are soft stretch knits. All fabrics are colorful and joyful! All of our tunics are original patterns and cuts that flatter your figures. Loosey Goosey Couture captures the most beautiful and colorful part of the fabrics and places it on each tunic to intentionally create our elegant look.

All are made right here in Montclair, NJ.  Made in the USA – and proud of it.